The Backstreet Boys show you what they’re made of, in your local cinema!

So, you want to know what the Backstreet Boys are made of? They’ll tell you yourself. At the end of January or February, in your local movie theatre.

To be honest: Timing couldn’t be more perfect for this documentary about the band. It (as we have to believe the scarce information about it out there) takes us from on a trip down memory lane to their last tour, and everything that happened in between. Obviously I heard a lot about these stories and their development from their fans. If I were to tell this story (and someday I will shoot this documentary or write a book), I could easily fill a documentary about their loyal fans who stuck with them trough all these years… So I’m super curious to see the band’s story, but also the fans’ reactions: and for those of you reading along here, what do you expect from it?

I expect a lot of drama, but I hope to find out more about some of their choices & perception: how do they feel they have emerged into a man band? ‘We’re all older now, so much has happened’.. I think Kevin (or Aj?) says this, which sounds promising. Or as Brian says at the beginning of the movie’s trailer: What do you do as a full-grown man in a boy band?
Then, I want to know: What do they think of their fans who continue to be committed to them? Who also grew up from teens to full-grown women and men and still appreciate that boy band. I hope the documentary will reveal a little about this, otherwise there’s already a few reasons to create a second movie (ego: based on my study of course!)!

And if anyone has tips on how to reach out to the guys, let me know, I would love to tell them more about how their fans experienced these 20 years!


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