#Harkive – How do you listen to music? When/ Where/ What?

Harkive is an annual, online music research project that gathers stories from people around the world about how, where and why they listened to music on a single day.

Since launching in 2013, the project has gathered over 5,000 stories. It returns for a third run on Tuesday 21st July 2015.

So here I share what I listened to today:

As I participated in a Summer School over the past days I did not really get to listen to music (at least, not the usual way via my headphones while walking or taking the metro to work). Yet, as there were some music presentations I did hear some music, one particularly about the Ondists of Montreal, those able to still play the (first) electrical instrument invited by professor Martenot, making it a pioneering instrument, but most of all: an instrument which is currently (almost only) known how to be played by women (because men found it too girly to learn):

It’s like listening to a jam from Daft Punk if they’d existed in 1934…

After I got back from the conference I listened (in the hotel) to bit of XX – via YouTube, since my phone is empty & I needed to kill some time in the hotel and chill:

Relaxing music isn’t it? That’s what it does for me at least…

After I got tired from constantly having to select my own playlist on YouTube (via YouTube)… I turned to the curated playlists of 22tracks – a platform that presents you with 22 tracks from different genres, from 4 different cities (Amsterdam, Brussels, London & Paris):

I like the indie electronic & beats channels best:┬áhttps://22tracks.com/ams/indieelectronic (from Amsterdam). I don’t get btw why people haven’t researched the platform yet.. It’s highly interesting to make a comparison between the differences in curating style / music consumption in those 4 European cities ­čÖé !! (If you’re willing to research this, let me know – highly interested!)

So, that’s my #harkive contribution for today. I noticed I’ve started either listening solely on my phone when I’m travelling to home or near home, and when I’m out abroad (which happens a lot lately) I just pray for good wifi and take 2 albums with me on my phone (the Foo Fighters Greatest Hits – seriously! – and Discovery from Daft Punk, plus I listen to┬áNightcall from Kavinsky and A Real Hero from College & Electric Youth, both songs from the Drive soundtrack I love). And I tend to listen to YouTube more often than I actually watch the videos… Also when I would be at work, I would just use YouTube as a radiostation or cd-player, since a regular radio-streaming pop-up gets blocked by my university computer. YouTube just functions well there, hence it became sort of a habit. Plus, I have everything at hand – I can choose my own music, n what particular order I play it and I can decide to skip songs.

So, what’s your music story? When, where and how do you listen to music?


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