On why the Directioners’ reactions are so cool

Maybe the Directioners are the ones who best understand the hiatus of the band…

When the news broke last night that One Direction is taking a hiatus, I’d expected angry fans. But even this morning I could not find (a lot) those reactions. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised: They had a few examples of previous boy bands taking a hiatus, and they had just dealt with Zayn leaving. Maybe the Directions just react so cool because they:

  1. Don’t forget that the teen idols are still young …
    Yes, you as a fan may be young too, but it’s about more than that. There’s this point in life where you start to think about the future – what to do if you grow old? Still sing in a boy band? Have an established solo career? It’s something these guys will think about, considering all of their predecessors did so (e.g. Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Ronan Keating – to name a few). And what about yourself: will you stick with them if they go solo? Or only if their music sounds exactly like 1D does now? As you grow older your music taste might change too.
  2. 2010-2015, non-stop work
    Remember: these 5 guys have been through a lot, they might really NEED a break!
    Having been in this band since 2010 must have taken its toll somehow. In quite a few interviews the guys declared they didn’t have time for their families or friends. But also think about the high demands of touring (it might seem easy) or being expected to (write) sing hit song after hit song. The Directions are the first people to understand this pressure: they have been supporting them non-stop for the past 5 years.
  3. Zayn’s leaving must have made an impact we might not have witnessed?
    As often happened in the past – there’s one rebellious member in the boy band who wants to escape the ‘regime’ of their manager/ life in a boy band. In the past we had Robbie Williams, and Jordan Knight. After they left the band was not the same anymore and needed to find their voice (anew). This takes time. Better to call a hiatus than immediately quit – I think the fans can agree on that one.
  4. They’ll reunite! Don’t worry!
    The best about the hiatus – or solo-careers is that you actually can start looking forward to their reunion. Because at some point there will be a reunion. The Backstreet Boys hiatus has taught us that, Boyzone reunited, Take That reunited and New Kids on the Block did so too. Whether it’s for a charity show, a Christmas album or a greatest hits tour. There will be a reunion (prediction: in a year or 5 to 10), and the fans know it.
  5. But, the fans also play a part in their come-back…
    It ain’t over till you guys and girls stop talking about it! So keep an eye on each other: you keep the fandom alive! During the Backstreet Boys hiatus many fans turned to online forums, something that is not so common now, but now there’s Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook … etc. And whatever medium or online platform might be next: you’ll be there too. So if you want them to return, make sure they know you want them to come back.

And if they really decide to break up after the hiatus… give it a few years. There will be a reunion, if they’re really the best boy band in the world 😉


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