Article out: ‘Larger than Life’ – on the practices of the long-term BSB fandom

Why do we stick to the music we have liked since our youth? And how do we try to keep these memories alive?

I talked to over twenty Backstreet Boys fans to answer that question, and wrote it down in this article (which you can access for free).

To give you a little preview; this is the official abstract that summarizes the study:

This study examines how the media use of non-Anglo American fans of the Backstreet Boys played a role in maintaining their long-term fandom. It does this by exploring how Dutch fans of the group negotiated its global reach and impact. The findings indicate that in the early days of the band’s fame, fans could rely on frequent (translated) coverage of this cultural text in the Dutch media. However, when the group disappeared off the Dutch media’s radar, the fans had to themselves become gate-openers and gatekeepers; they felt responsible for (continuing) circulating news, created their own Dutch fan-sites and fanforums and befriended other (Dutch and international) fans online to sustain their fandom. Consequently, this study exposes how transcultural practices feature in this Dutch fandom, as well as how adapting and implementing new forms of media use helps to uphold longterm fandom in general.


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