Sorry Justin, they won’t stop screaming

Screaming teen girls aren’t a new thing. The Beatles had ‘m, composer Frans Liszt had ‘m, and now Justin Bieber has ‘m, but is done with ‘m.

Sorry Justin, but these screaming girls won’t disappear. At his concert tour in Europe, Bieber walked off stage in Manchester, because his fans weren’t quiet. He also beckoned fans in Amsterdam to please be quiet because he was performing for them, wasn’t he?
So, what is it then, that makes these girls scream for him? Dutch media was super interested in what happened at the concerts, and particularly why his fans kept acting this way if they knew this might chase Justin off stage.

To clarify this (often asserted as typical) fan behavior, I was interviewed by several Dutch media outlets. This article, by Dutch national public media, sparked the frenzy, it discusses why (teen) girls are so hysterical at a concert of their idol. And here, I reacted on national radio (aimed at youngsters and young adolescents), where I explained boys might have a similar cheery feeling when visiting a soccer match. And lastly, I told (worldwide free) newspaper Metro that even if the rumors were true that he was about to train his fans to become more quiet, it wouldn’t work straightaway. Bieber has grown up, matured, especially in his last album. But the fans also must be given some time to age along.




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