Loved them for a reason: another publication

Sometimes, there’s a unique opportunity to blend the personal and the academic in fascinating ways. This definitely was one of them.

Another publication is out: an article on my former fandom of Boyzone, which I’ve co-authored with Bethan Jones (fantastic scholar!). It was the first time I got to ‘use’ / write about my own (former) fandom in an academic way. And I believe the contrast between Bethan still being a fan and me dropping out of the fandom works really well.

Bethan and I always talked about our passion for Boyzone when we met at conferences/symposia. And when the call for this journal issue came out, we had to seize the opportunity to put things into practice. So we wrote, co-authored at distance, and shared our stories with each other, and now for the world to see. Enjoy reading.


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